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The Angelgate Advantage!

As most of you are aware the Province of Ontario has introduced a new all day learning initiative for kindergarten children. It will be fully implemented by 2014, however, at ANGELGATE we want to assure you that your children will continue to receive the finest quality of care that goes above and beyond…should you choose not to enroll your child in Junior Kindergarten.

As we are always striving to improve, we would like to outline key features that we will continue to uphold as well some new plans for our Kindergarten Program.

At ANGELGATE we are fortunate to have a full size gym and large outdoor yard for the children to utilize. As always, we implement exciting indoor and outdoor gross motor activities.

At ANGELGATE the ratio of teachers to kindergarten children will remain at 1:6.
A full day School Board Kindergarten classroom maintain a teacher to child ratio of 1:13, maximizing 26 children per class.

That being, your child will benefit from more one on one learning time. In order to maximize your child’s learning potential our qualified and loving staff balance the program with “play-based” and “academic” activities. Another advantage with enrolling your children at ANGELGATE is the focus we instill on living nutritionally balanced lives. Hot, catered meals and snacks, which follow Canada’s Food Guide, are provided daily. School Board lunch programs cannot provide the food, the facility nor the love and attention we dedicate to our children each noon hour.
We ask those who are interested to call and book a tour of our facilities.

As always we encourage a communicative relationship with our existing families, please let us know your thoughts and inquiries.


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